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[Aug 08] Guitar Load magazine brings Marty Friedman on the cover and interviews SupreMa

"Guitar can't be just a harp with countless strings and with a thousand notes being played per second, it has to have the riff and the aggression of the heaviness too!" said SupreMa's guitarist Douglas Jen on an extensive interview 9 pages long.

The guitarist was also announced as the new columnist of the magazine and now takes over the Rock column.On his first article, he approached the theme "Unravelling Yngwie Malmsteen".

CLICK HERE and download for free through the website of the interactive magazine!

[Aug 01] Check out the video of a live session with Douglas Jen interpreting the song "Before the end"

[Jul 24] "I like all kinds of artistic forms, when I see some paintings or movies it inspires me to write sounds"
Interview for Argentine website Latin Metal ( Spanish | English )

[Jun 16] "We want a lot to be near our European fans"
Interview for European website Metal Temple (English)

[May 07] Nightmare's tab for guitarists!

Nightmare (Guitar Pro 5) - [DOWNLOAD]

Nightmare (PDF) - [DOWNLOAD]

[May 06] SupreMa at Udigrudi TV show (PlayTV)

[Mar 28] "The song 'Fury and Rage' which was chosen to become the new video of the band is the highlight"
Review by Hell Divine Magazine (9/10)

[Mar 27] Douglas Jen was interviewed by russian Dreyman Magazine

[Mar 25] Review by Greek website Heavy Paradise (9/10)
Everything here flows perfectly and at the end Suprema achieves to impress with their music, performances and their tight songwriting and musicianship

[Mar 21]  "Fury and Rage" video premieres in NGT, Play TV and TV Aberta at Stay Heavy show

[Mar 20] SupreMa on the cover of Hell Divine Magazine

The 18th edition of Hell Divine Magazine is out now and features interviews with Dark Tranquillity, SupreMa and Zombie Cookbook on the cover.

On an exclusive 4 page long interview, guitarist Douglas Jen from SupreMa talked about all details of the making of and shooting of recently released "Fury and Rage" video.


Read at:

[Mar 18] Review by Austrian website Metal Underground ( 4/5 )
"A hot warrior of the scene with the possibilities to play many of their genre colleagues to the wall"

[Mar 10] Interview for "Rio de Metal" metal site [portuguese]

[Mar 09] Interview for "Rock Breja" metal site [portuguese]

[Mar 06] "SupreMa releases music video filmed in railway village" - SupreMa featured on Rock Online (Terra)

[Mar 05] Douglas Jen is Peavey's new endorser

[Feb 25] SupreMa released today their brand new video for the song "Fury and Rage"

[Feb 21] Making of from "Fury and Rage" video with subtitles in English

[Feb 20] "Fury and Rage" Synopsis

[Feb 14] "We have a planning and we want to reach Europe with full force"
Interview for portuguese website Via Nocturna

[Feb 04] SupreMa, "Traumatic Scenes" album, Douglas Jen and Fábio Carito voted among the best of the year in brazilian Rock and Metal

[Jan 16] SupreMa nominated as one of the best albums of the year by Consultoria do Rock website!

[Jan 16] "We're not a pre-made formula band and put art above everything" Interview for Hard Metal Brasil website

[Jan 03] "Brazilian audience has to love their own bands more" Interview for portuguese website "Metal em Portugal"

[Jan 01] Douglas Jen and great Brazilian guitarists leave a New Year message to the fans

[Dec 29] Douglas Jen: 10 albums that a Heavy Metal fan should listen to

[Dec 27] "We can't wait to be able to show this video, our fans will be proud of the attention to details and care we had" - Interview for Imprensa do Rock

[Dec 22] "The script has a lot of impact and production itself is a short movie inside a music video!" Interview for Silence of Shadows

[Dec 16] SupreMa announces new official video

[Dec 10] Douglas Jen on the cover of the Guitar Shred guitar site with new lesson about triads

[Dec 02] Douglas Jen featured on the cover of Cifra Club website with his new lesson about Major Scales

[Nov 20] SupreMa featured around the world with the "Traumatic Scenes" album

[Oct 30] SupreMa will be featured on Unión Cartagena radio from Spain on next Thursday

[Oct 25] Insane Guitar Training #3 - learning the guitar solo of "Iced Heart"

[Oct 18] Review by Consultoria do Rock [portuguese]
Tramatic Scenes came to show the maturity of the band after several tours in Brazil

[Oct 16] Jen announced as newest columnist from Guitar Shred website
Read his first lesson

[Oct 15] Insane Guitar Training #02 - Patterns over Diminished Scale (part of "Nightmare" song) - Online Lesson to my Facebook page. Enjoy!

[Oct 11] Insane Guitar Training #01 - "Rising from the ashes"
Online Lesson to Facebook page. Enjoy!

[Oct 09] Review by american website Sea of Tranquility 3,5 / 5
"the guitars are particularly impressive throughout (CD) especially on the opening of Dark Journey"

[Oct 08] Review by italian site Rock Metal Essence 88/100
"this wonderfull production sounds very full-bodied and enveloping, and the songwriting among the best heard in this 2013"

[Sep 13] Release of the latest concert in Maceio (AL, BR) by Rock Meeting Mag [portuguese]

[Aug 31] SupreMa reaches #2 on RockLabel TV charts from Switzerland!!

[Aug 27] Invasão Rocker TV show featuring SupreMa
Interview and the band playing live for first time "Fury and Rage" and "Before the end"

[Aug 26] Interview to "The New Wave Of Rock"
"Brazilian Northeast is our home, we'll always have something special to them" [portuguese]

[Aug 25] Today SupreMa is featured on Radio Revolta in Poland! Click and Listen!

[Aug 24] SupreMa inviting fans to the concert in Caruaru (PE, Brazil) with unpublished images of their new concert

[Aug 21] Lyric Video of "Fury and Rage"

[Aug 20] SupreMa inviting fans to the concert in Maceió (AL, Brazil) with unpublished images of their new concert

[Aug 19] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Stormbringer 4/5
"It is really exciting how sovereign all is composed and arranged."

[Aug 17] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by DangerDog 3,5/5
"Nearly every song offers a galloping pace with some thrash nuances giving them a heavier sound"

[Aug 16]
Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Arte Metal 8,5/10 [pt]
"The Power/Prog Metal presented by the band is worthy of grown ups"

[Aug 15]
Interview to Furia Metal [pt]
"We always have been sincere about what we want to show our fans"

[Aug 14] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by spanish metal site The Sentinel [spanish]
"We've heard powerful and mighty metal riffs"

[Aug 13] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Whiplash 9/10 [portuguese]
"A prog metal class made by a very solid team"

[Aug 01] Interview for Rock Club [pt]

[Jul 31] Interview for Musicao [pt]

[Jul 29] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Metal Temple: 9/10

[Jul 23] Douglas Jen and Dani Nolden (Shadowside): interview to Rock Forever TV show [portuguese]

[Jul 17] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Power of Metal: 87/100

[Jul 17] SupreMa signs deal with Nightmare Rec and announces release dates

[Jul 08] Interview for Heavy n Roll [portuguese]

[Jun 19] SupreMa releases free Android app

[Jun 26] Review "Traumatic Scenes" by Metal Samsara: 9/10 [portuguese]

[Jun 04] Interview for Stay Rock [portuguese]

[Jun 01] SupreMa: Fábio Carito from Shadowside is the new bass player

[May 14] Interview for spanish metal site Metal Cry

[May 09] Interview for Silence of Shadows [pt]

[Apr 24] Single "Nightmare" as free download

[Apr 16] SUPREMA signs with POWER PROG

[Mar 18] SupreMa video reaches 50,000 views on YouTube

]Mar 14] Interview for Universo Metal [portuguese]

[Jan 15] Furia Music artists stand out in the "Best of 2012" polls of Whiplash website!

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